Lakshadweep Samudram 5D/4N

  • Days : 5 Days/4 Night
  • Places to Visit : Kavaratti, Minicoy, Kalpeni, Kadmat
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Lakshadweep, the coral paradise of India, Festooned with unspoiled and pristine marine life, silvery beaches and exquisite coral reefs, Lakshadweep or the “One hundred thousand Islands” is an ideal tropical getaway in the Arabian Sea. Located off the coast of Kerala.

5 Days cruise to visit any 3 of the islands (Kavarati, Kalpeni, Kadmat & Minicoy) by ship.  The island tour is organized during the day with lunch and refreshments ashore.  Nights are spent on board the ship.  Swimming, Snorkeling and other water sports are arranged during the day tour.

Day 1 Kochi (sequence of the Islands differ as per the voyage of schedules)

Place Lakshadweep Warf-Report between 0900 to 1000 hrs.

Boarding the ship 0900 to 1000 hrs

Lunch on board

Departure from Kochi by 1500 hrs

Evening Tea, Dinner.

Day 2 Minocoy -

Morning Tea, Break Fast in ship

Departure ship by 0800 hrs for Minicoy

arrival at Minicoy 0945 hrs

Welcome drink, visit light house, sea bath, kayaking, on paymnet scuba dive, lunch visit village local residential area, evening tea, Departure 1600 hrs to ship.

Arrival ship 1700 hrs. Dinner.

Day 3 Kavarati -

Morning Tea, Breakfast in Ship

Departure ship by 0800 hrs. to Kavarati

Arrival Kavarati 0845 hrs

Welcome Drinks, Glass bottomed boat, sea bath, Kayaking Scuba and Snorkeling on payment.

Lunch, Museum, Aquarium, evening Tea.

Departure Kavaratti at 1700 hrs, to ship,

Arrival ship 1730 hrs. Dinner.

Day 4 Kalpeni -

Morning Tea, Breakfast in ship

Departure ship by 0745 hrs to Kalpeni

Arrival Kalpeny 0800 hrs.

Welcome Drinks, Snoorkeling, Sea Bath, Kayaking, Sorkeling

Lunch, Folk Dance, Sightseeing, Evening Tea.

Departure Kalpeni at 1700 hrs to ship

Arrival Ship 1730 hrs. Dinner.

Day 5 Kochi -

Morning Team, Breakfast

Arrival in Port, Leave Ship by 1100 hrs.


*(Kadmat) -

Morning Tea, Breakfast in ship

Departure ship by 0745 hrs to Kadmat

Arrival on Kadmat at 0800 hrs.

Welcome Drinks, Snorkeling, Sea Bath, Kayaking

Lunch, Folk Dance, Sightseeing, Evening tea

Departure on Kadmat at 1700 hrs to ship

Arrival on Ship 1730 hrs. Dinner.*


Water sports are operating by dive centres at Kavarati, Kadmat, Minicoy, Kalpeni and Bangaram Islands.

Presently they charge Rs. 1500/- (without Photography) Rs. 2000.00 (with photography) for Discover Scuba Diving/Confined water Diving (20 minutes) and Rs. 3000/- for open water diving (40 minutes) and Bangaram the open water site is far away hence involves some additional transportation charges also.

On booking our packages/resorts the required entry permits will be issued by us for entering to Lakshadweep.  Required details for Foreign Nationals to visit Lakshadweep is 

1. Indian Visa Copy

2. Passport Copy

All water sports activities are chargeable

10% hike in rates in December.