• Destination : Bekal
  • Places to Visit : Bekal Fort, Valiyaparamba Island

Bekal is a small town in Kasaragod, the Northern most district of Kerala is renowned as the land of gods, forts, rivers, hills and beautiful beaches.Giant keyhole shaped fort at Bekal is one of the largest and best preserved forts in Kerala, the golden expanse of a beautiful beach surrounding the fort, backwaters and hill destinations and water sport facilities are nearby.

Bekal Fort

The 300-year-old Bekal Fort, shaped like a giant key-hole, is one of the largest and best-preserved forts in Kerala. Surrounded by a splendid beach, the historic Bekal Fort offers a superb view of the Arabian Sea from its tall observation towers, where a few centuries ago huge cannons used to be placed.

Valiyaparamba Island

Valiyaparamba is a small island about 30 km from Bekal in Kasaragod that is one of the most scenic

backwater stretches in north Kerala. Situated in the Arabian Sea, it is an important fishing centre and one of

the main tourist spots of the district. Fed by four rivers and dotted with numerous little islands, Valiyaparamba

is a much-favoured backwater destination that offers enchanting boat cruises to its visitors. The island is

roughly 16 km2 in size with a population of 10,000. The island's main sources of income are agriculture and

fishing. Valiyaparamba is a hinterland separated from the mainland and is an hour’s drive from Bekal beach,

one of the most enchanting beaches in the state.